07.31.18 to 08.04.18| 8:30PM

New York City, NY US

THE STONE July 31 ECHOES Michaël Attias: alto saxophone & piano August 1 RENKU Michaël Attias: alto saxophone, John Hébert: bass, Satoshi Takeishi: drums August 2 NERVE DANCE Michaël Attias: alto saxophone, Aruán Ortiz: piano, John Hébert: bass, Nasheet Waits: drums August 3 KID ORCHID Michaël Attias: alto saxophone, Ralph Alessi: trumpet, Jacob Sacks: piano, Sean Conly: bass, Mark Ferber: drums August 4 NUMBERS Tony Malaby, MA: saxophones, Ralph Alessi: trumpet, Ben Gerstein: trombone etc, Kris Davis: piano, Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello, John Hébert: bass, Satoshi Takeishi: percussion, Eric McPherson: drums


The New School Glass Box Theatre 55 west 13th street