Michaël Attias: alto & baritone saxophones, John Hébert: bass, Satoshi Takeishi: drums & percussion

Michaël Attias’ beguilingly mercurial trio is one of those bands that give delicacy a good name. Like Air, the reeds-bass-drums outfit dedicates as much room to extended hushes as they do knotty expressionism. That gives their music a ghostly vibe, and as it gracefully insinuates itself, it gathers more and more depth. They’re celebrating a decade together. JIM MACNIE

trio formed in 2004. compositions by all. has recorded: RENKU (playscape, 2005), Renku in Coimbra (clean feed, 2009) and Live in Greenwich Village (clean feed, 2016)

audio: Wels [extract] (by John Hébert, from Renku in Coimbra, 2009)