Michaël Attias: alto saxophone, Aruán Ortiz: piano, John Hébert: bass, Nasheet Waits: drums

Audio: Scribble Job Yin Yang (from Nerve Dance, forthcoming in March 2017 on Clean Feed!)


Michaël Attias: alto & baritone saxophones, John Hébert: bass, Satoshi Takeishi: drums & percussion

Michaël Attias’ beguilingly mercurial trio is one of those bands that give delicacy a good name. Like Air, the reeds-bass-drums outfit dedicates as much room to extended hushes as they do knotty expressionism. That gives their music a ghostly vibe, and as it gracefully insinuates itself, it gathers more and more depth. They’re celebrating a decade together. JIM MACNIE

trio formed in 2004. compositions by all. has recorded: RENKU (playscape, 2005), Renku in Coimbra (clean feed, 2009) and Live in Greenwich Village (clean feed, 2016)

audio: Wels [extract] (by John Hébert, from Renku in Coimbra, 2009)

spun tree

Michaël Attias: alto saxophone, Ralph Alessi: trumpet, Matt Mitchell: piano, Sean Conly: bass, Tom Rainey: drums

Doubly rooted in his past collaborations with visionary masters Anthony Braxton and the late great Paul Motian, Spun Tree is Attias' first studio recording since 2004 and also his first to explore the sonority of the classic alto/trumpet frontline. If the music on his two previous Clean Feed releases (Renku in Coimbra and Twines of Colesion) was about finding compositional shape through collective improvisation, this new album reverses the balance and returns to the more epic forms of Credo, his first. In a journey from negative clarity to a negation of negation which equals joy, the eight new compositions – four large-scale multi-panel pieces and four "simpler" ones – balance size and density with enough air, intuition, rhythmic agility and interplay to keep all the branches of this tree spinning and dancing in the sunlight."

audio: Ghost Practice (from Spun Tree, Clean Feed 2012)

twines of colesion

michaël attias: alto saxophone
tony malaby: tenor & soprano saxophone
russ lossing: piano
john hébert: bass
satoshi takeishi: drums & percussion

quintet formed in 2007.
"Notated sections flow in and out of spontaneously generated sub-groups, forms dissolve and reappear in ever renewed shapes and time-feels, transitions between the pieces become pieces in themselves. In a remarkable example of highly democratic 21st century jazz, each performance is an unique and unrepeatable journey through the written material and each player an agent of power and change in directing the dream-flow. Twines of Colesion sings the song of a very special and risky sort of molecular paradise. Don’t miss it."

audio: The Maze of the Loom (from Twines of Colesion, Clean Feed 2010)