Point of Departure “Spun Tree” review

December 6, 2012 Spun Tree is Michaël Attias’ first studio recording in six years and the first to revisit the elaborate ensemble writing featured on Credo (Clean Feed), which was made in 1999 but unreleased until 2006, a year after Renku, his Clean Feed debut. Intriguingly, it is also the only album in the multi-instrumentalist’s varied discography to featureContinue reading “Point of Departure “Spun Tree” review”

All About Jazz “Ghost Practice” (from “Spun Tree”) review

December 2, 2012 Saxophonist Michaël Attias seldom rests on his laurels. Always aligning with a superlative support structure, each of his solo outings offer a fluctuating refresher course on routes previously navigated. With nouveau ideologies in place, Attias’ expansive cache of weaponry once again comes to the forefront. The band skirts between introspection, aggression, andContinue reading “All About Jazz “Ghost Practice” (from “Spun Tree”) review”

JazzReview “Renku in Coimbra” review

February 8, 2010 A renku is a form of Japanese poetry that originated over one thousand years ago.  Here, superfine and somewhat under-recognized saxophonist Michaël Attias uses the renku as an interactive jazz frontier with his crack rhythm section.  The musicians have performed on and off since 2003.  Unsurprisingly, their intuition and synergy looms ratherContinue reading “JazzReview “Renku in Coimbra” review”

All About Jazz – Interview by Celeste Sunderland

September 30, 2007 Paris has always been a haven for musicians. In the late 1980s, a stream of jazz greats passed through the bar at Alan Silva’s music school, where saxophonist Michaël Attias manned the tap. “I remember pouring [saxophonist] Frank Wright a beer two weeks before he died,” he recalled. “Sunny Murray, Jerome Cooper,Continue reading “All About Jazz – Interview by Celeste Sunderland”